V8Thunder Online


V8Thunder is a group of like minded NASCAR fans from across Europe who race each week online using the Papyrus NASCAR Racing 2003 Season game, although the game may be old it is still considered by many to be the most realistic and up to date sim for NASCAR Racing outside of online subscription services (NR2003 is free!), with the help of and active modding community we are able to utilise all the up to date NASCAR tracks and car models, and with active admins we are able to use most modern rules including Lucky Dog and Wavebys.

Our dedicated Race Server is based in London, UK.

To race at V8Thunder all you need is a copy of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and a wheel or gamepad (a keyboard will not cut it due to there being no driving aids allowed during races).

Evening: Wednesday
Mod: MENC 2019 (Splash N' Go)
Physics: CUP or CTS depending on NASCAR rules
Setups: Open
Format: One race per round
Yellows: On
Damage: Full
Wear: 2X (1X on Road courses/Dega/Daytona)
Length: 45-50% of real race
Aids: None (open views)

All races at V8Thunder takes place under British Summer/Winter time with Qualifying commencing at 20:00 (8pm) Local Time and the race starting shortly after, practice runs from 6.30pm on race day while test sessions run 24/7 at all other times.