V8Thunder Online


Last updated for the Spring 2018 Season on 1st May 2018, changes from previous versions are marked in RED

1. 'Weekend' Timetable
The start time for V8Thunder sessions is officially 90 minutes before the scheduled start of qualifying. Qualifying starts at 8pm UK time for all series, therefore the server is open for practice at 6.30pm. Note, it may be available before then, but this is not guaranteed.

For Trophy events, the following schedule will apply:
6.30pm Practice opens.
8.00pm Qualifying starts.
8.05pm Happy Hour.
8.15pm approx. Race.

All times are UK time.

Drivers are advised to be connected to the server before the start of qualifying in order to take part in the event, although merely connecting to the server during practice is enough to lock in a grid spot, if the server is restarted before qualifying then you will loose the locked in spot if you don't connect again, so it is recommended to be connected to the server before the completion of practice.

The server will not be restarted once Practice is completed.

2. Weather
All races will use the actual race weather, based on information provided by the Network Broadcast, or if not available, the Race Data from Jayski.com unless stated otherwise in the Race Thread. Races that utilise a night track will be run at Cloudy conditions regardless of actual event sky status.

3. Teams
V8Thunder no longer runs an Independent Championship, every driver is considered to be part of a team, whether it be a single car operation or multi car super team. Team scoring is an average of all team drivers minus penalty points, more details can be found here, if a driver does not declare a team name they will be considered to be Independent and all Independent drivers will form the Independent Team.

4. Points and Penalty Systems
Unless otherwise stated at the beginning of the season, the points system in use is that of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Following each race, a review is performed of all incidents causing caution periods, with penalties being awarded to the driver(s) deemed guilty of causing the yellow. For races in which yellows are not turned on, and for accidents that did not result in a yellow flag, the admins will either investigate only accidents for which a complaint has been filed within 24 hours after the end of the race, or incidents deemed serious enough to warrant attention. During the Playoff, drivers who qualify for each respective 'Round of 16', 'Round of 12' and 'Round of 8' but do not start the first race of each round, forfeit their place in that Playoff and the first previously eliminated driver will take their place.

All series use a penalty points system. Races are reviewed by a member of the Admin Team after the race is completed and penalties issued. If a driver exceeds 150 accumulative penalty points during a season, then the driver will receive a sanction in the form of a rolling scale of additional points deductions, these penalties WILL be deducted from the relevant series standings, but the driver will be free to race the next week as normal (these sanctions apply on a seasonal & series basis) unless this is a second or subsequent offense.

First Sanction - 200 Points Deduction.
Second Sanction - 200 Points Deduction & 1 Race Ban
Third Sanction onwards - 300 Points Deduction & 1 Race Ban & start from rear each race for remainder of season.

Or the driver may elect to serve a one race ban at the next event and not face the above points deductions.

Having two Self Spins without assistance or avoiding of others and you should park it for the remainder of the race.

4.1 Penalties.
Full details on which offences attract which penalties can be found here.

4.2 Gross Misconduct.
Any driver found to be guilty of a Gross Misconduct penalty during a race, will receive an automatic 1 race ban, regardless of their Penalty Points status. Examples of Gross Misconduct are, but not limited to, deliberately getting another driver a black flag, deliberately wrecking another driver, taunting, flaming or abuse aimed towards another driver, excessive swearing or agressive text directed to another competitor, cheating, cutting the course etc.

4.3 Penalty Appeals.
Drivers can appeal to the admin team if they feel they have been unfairly penalised - the incident will then be looked at by the Penalty Appeals Board, which is composed of independent Admin(s). Their decision is final. Appeals must be filed via Private Messages to the respective Series Director within 24 hours of the Race Analysis being posted to the forum, appeals received after 24 hours has elapsed will not be heard.

4.4 Maximum Appeals.
Drivers are limited to a maximum of 3 FAILED appeals per season (or segment of season). I.E. A driver may appeal penalties unlimited times, but should three appeals be rejected during a season he will be no longer permitted to appeal a penalty that season unless it is for a major penalty, this is to prevent frivolous appeals such as those for minor or self spin penalties which have become more and more frequent recently.

5. Provisionals
To ensure those that have to miss races are not immediately at a disadvantage, provisionals are provided to drivers during each season, to obtain a provisional, a driver should post in the official race thread before or within 24 hours of the race completition (exceptions can be made for technical/personal problems at the discretion of the admins). Provisionals cannot be used for races where a driver is serving a ban or suspension period. All drivers requesting a provisional for a race are ranked as if they finished (number_of_cars_in_race) + 5. That is, if 15 cars took part in a race, all those who posted provisionals will be given points for finishing 20th.

6. During The Race
Admin Commands - Members of the V8Thunder Admin Team will not under normal circumstances use admin commands during a race other than to eject an unwelcome driver or to enforce the Lucky Dog or Waveby rules. Requests for cleared black flags, yellows, restarts etc. will be ignored. Black Flags issued automatically by Race Control in error, such as a driver being punished for overtaking under yellow by entering the pits before a recovering car that should be infront of them as regained their position in line, will be cleared upon request. Under no circumstances will a race be restarted after the green flag drops other than in exceptional circumstances as deemed appropriate by an inrace admin.

Server Problems - If the server crashes or if there is a mass-boot (more than 50% of remaining drivers drop connection at once) then the following procedure will be used.

* If fewer than ˝ of race laps have been completed and subsequent running is not possible (i.e. server is down), the race will be rescheduled.

* If fewer than ˝ of race laps have been completed and subsequent running is still possible, the race will be restarted. The race length will be no longer than the number of laps remaining at the time of the server problem. The new race will be preceded by five minutes practice, qualifying, and five minutes happy hour.

* If ˝ or more laps have been completed the race will not be re-started. If the server replay is available, results will be based on positions at the time of the server problem. If no server replay is available, the race will be rescheduled.

7. Lapped Cars
Drivers about to go a lap down must not block and not overdrive to stay on lead lap, however this isn't Formula One so if the lap down car is fast enough to stay ahead of the leader safely they may do so within reason and only if safe, if the leader is clearly faster then the lap down car should move out the way. Inside the last quarter of the race, lap down drivers will be expected to show respect to leaders and not interfere with a battle, if the lap down car is caught in a pack of lead lap cars, they should safely drop to the rear of the lead lap car pack and not interfere with the battle, complaints from leaders will be investigated and penalties handed out as the admins see fit. However, this works both ways and a lead lap car does not have a "right" to a corner and should still exercise as much caution and responsibility when lapping a slower car as they would if they were battling a car on the same lap.

IF BEING LAPPED, DRIVERS SHOULD MAINTAIN A CONSISTENT LINE AND NOT CHANGE LANES, IT IS PREFERABLE FOR LAPPED CARS TO STAY IN THE HIGHER GROOVE ON THE TRACK WHEN BEING LAPPED, this is not always possible especially on short tracks but the main requirement is to just stay on your line and not deviate from it - drivers being lapped should not under any circumstances attempt to predict where the leaders will overtake and react accordingly, as this often causes more trouble than it solves, simply stay on your line at regular speed and the leaders will make their way past.

7.1 Lapped Cars right to use the track.
Drivers being lapped should stay on the racing surface and not attempt to drive on the apron, especially in the corners.

8. Pit Stops
It is the responsibility of the driver pitting to do so safely - they must call out their intention to pit via text chat clearly before pitting.

Drivers spinning or causing an accident while pitting and bringing out the yellow will be penalized. The penalty will be the highest available penalty, regardless of the amount of damage provoked to other competitors. Penalties can also be given for unnecessary contact in pit lane.

9. Caution Periods
V8 Thunder operates a "no racing back" caution system, when Yellow Flag comes out, ALL drivers should slow in a controlled manner and maintain position. Drivers who slow dramatically when a caution comes out, without good reason, may receive a penalty. This is considered ungentlemanly conduct as it may cause other drivers to wreck whilst attempting to stay behind.

Drivers involved in the accident should rejoin the racing surface safely, and should not attempt to pass other cars in an attempt to regain positions lost in the accident, unless the drivers in front tell them to do so by chat message. Racing for position under yellow will be penalized.

9.1. Racing back inside 10 to go
Drivers are allowed to "Race Back" for position if the caution comes out inside 10 to go, to avoid confusion this includes the 10th lap (if a driver is on the lead lap their F1 display will say "Laps to go: 10", at this point only, racing back is allowed.

9.2 Double File Restarts
All restarts will be of "double file" status, this will be like a normal start with 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th etc. place cars lining up on the inside line, and 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th etc. lining up in the outside line. Lap down cars that are not eligible for the free pass or waveby should drive through the pitlane at one to go and filter themselves to the back of the queue where they should restart single file (if lappers do not do this and remain in the queue, they should stay in position but give space to lead lap cars at the restart and not defend passes, or at an admins discretion, they may be instructed to take a waveby, additionally at an admins discretion, they may deduct the lap gained back from the driver being instructed to take the waveby due to pacing error after the restart).

9.3 Leader Lane Choice
The leader of the race has lane choice on restarts, they can choose to like up on the outside lane if they wish, if they do then second place lines up on the inside, from third back, drivers line up as normal (3rd inside, 4th outside etc.). On the initial race start, the leader must line up on the inside lane.

9.4 Black Flags during Cautions and on Restarts
Drivers should notify an admin through the ingame chat of any black flags issued by race control at a restart (or during a caution period), drivers should simply type '#carnumber black flag' into chat and an admin will clear the black flag, although every effort is made to clear them admins sometimes are not aware of them so notification is essential. Each driver is encouraged to assign the message to one of the ingame autochat messages as #carnumber black flag$ (keep the $ in as this means the message is sent automatically) and where available assign this to a wheel button. If the black flag is not cleared within a lap, please resend the message. If after 2 laps the black flag has not been cleared you may have to serve the penalty to clear it, in this case an admin will attempt to repay the lost laps as soon as possible.

Most black flags issued by Race Control under caution will be cleared by an admin, however black flags issued by Race Control under green should be served as normal unless you are sure it is an error, we will clear them upon request but reserve the right to issue Major Penalties post race for black flags that should have been served. Examples of black flags issued under green that must be served are speeding in the pitlane, blend or commitment line violations or any Black Flag issued by race control relating to car damage.

Admins may at their discretion clear a black flag without being asked if they feel the penalty is undeserved or has been issued in error.

10. Free Pass (Lucky Dog & Wavebys)
The Free Pass car will be the FIRST CAR A LAP DOWN AS PER THE F2 SCREEN at the completion of the lap the caution comes out - there will be times that this is not necessary the first car a lap down who is nearest the leader, this will be taken at the first time of the allocated Admin passing the start and finish line after the yellow has flown - i.e. when the admin receives the "Caution is out, Caution is out" message after passing the S/F line they will check F2 and announce who the free pass car is, i.e. FREE PASS IS CAR 200 on text chat, this will only be done ONCE so don't miss it, the free pass is also NOT open to discussion.

In the event that the admin is non-racing, or involved in the incident and unable to make it to the start and finish line, the free pass will be announced at the first available opportunity.

The Free Pass (aka Lucky Dog) should, at one to go, overtake the field and pace car, and drive around the track at a safe speed, lining up LAST in the queue for the restart, this will result in the driver being black flagged by the server for overtaking the caution car, this black flag will be cleared by the in race admin. Any penalties incurred during the caution (End of Longest Line etc.) should be ignored by the Lucky Dog driver as they will be cleared at the restart.

10.1. Free Pass Exclusion
If the car announced as the Free Pass car, caused the caution, they are ineligible to the Free Pass and it will move to the next car in line. In this event it is the responsibility of the driver to announce this to the in-race admin, failure to do so, and by so taking the Lucky Dog when not entitled to it, will result in a post race penalty. Other drivers should not hold court over who is responsible for the caution, messages such as "13 caused the caution" will be ignored, it is the responsibility of the Lucky Dog driver to inform the admin whether they were the cause of not.

For the avoidance of doubt, being involved in the caution, i.e. spinning to avoid another car, does not exclude the driver from the free pass, they are only excluded if they caused the yellow themselves.

10.2. Wavearound
Drivers a lap down, who are not the lucky dog, can obtain a lap back by getting themselves into the waveby position. In order to qualify for the waveby, the lapper must be ahead of the leader in the pacing line at 1 to go. This is usually achieved by staying out and not pitting under the caution. Once in the waveby position, the waveby cars should at one to go, overtake the pacecar and circle around to the back of the queue as per the Lucky Dog. If a high number of cars are in the waveby position, a competition caution will be thrown at the restart to clear the black flags, this will be announced in advance and all drivers should maintain position at the restart until the competition caution is thrown.

In the event of the in-race admin or backup, not being connected to the server, rules 10, 10.1 and 10.2 will not apply as it will not be possible to clear penalties. The in-race admin, and their backup, will be declared before the event, it is the responsibility of all drivers to be aware of who they are and note if they are connected or not. If the in-race admin is disconnected, then the "backup" reserves the right to exclude rules rules 10, 10.1 and 10.2 at their discretion.

11. Incidents under yellow
It's very easy to hit a car when under caution - you must stay sharp at all times. Hitting another car accidentally under yellow flag/caution may result in a penalty. Please note that such accidents must be reported to the admins for review.

12. Restarts inside 10 to go
There are no lucky dogs or wavebys inside 10 to go. At any restart, drivers who are 1 or more laps down should close up the pacing line as normal, but allow two car widths on their right hand side and concede their on track position to lead lap cars in a safe manner at the restart. Lapped cars are no longer required to drive through the pitlane.

13 Disconnections during a race / Late Arrivals:
Drivers on the lead lap who "throughput falls to an unacceptable level" will, if they disco before 50% of the race is completed, and can reconnect within 15 laps, have the lost laps credited back to them as and when they can be, subject to a maximum of 15 laps. If the total laps lost is less than 15, they will be given enough credits to place them 1 lap behind the car running, on track, in last place. Should all cars be on the lead lap, this will be 1 lap down, if there is a car 1 lap down and still running, they will be placed 2 laps down etc. etc. Cars that have retired will not be taken into consideration. This also applies to drivers who cannot start the race, either through being discoed during Happy Hour or simply arrived late. If the total number of laps lost is more than 15, or the driver discoes after 50% of the race is complete, no laps will be credited. Should the in-race admin not be connected, this rule will not be enforced by the backup.

14 Post-race Inspection
All Drivers are required to save their replay and setup at the competition of their race. At random intervals, the Admin Team will pick a driver or drivers for Post-race inspection, this will be notified to the driver directly via Private Message through the V8Thunder forum within 24 hours of the race finishing. Upon receipt of a Post-Race Inspection notice, the driver should submit their replay (or a portion thereof) and setup for Inspection.

Failure to supply the file(s) as requested within 48 hours will result in the following penalties:

First Failure: 1 Race ban and/or loss of points.
Second Failure: 2 Race ban and/or loss of points.
Third Failure: Ban for remainder of Season.

Drivers must submit their locally recorded replay, not a section of the server replay.

15 Miscellaneous

Corner Rights (for guidance mainly).
You must establish substantial overlap with the car ahead before they reach the corner’s turn-in point to have the right to drive up their inside, or to expect them to leave inside room for you. Substantial overlap means at least that the front of your car is up to say the driver’s position in the ahead car - and that’s at the very least. You probably should have more overlap in some circumstances. The ahead driver has the right to be fully committed to the racing line of their choice without any interference if there was no substantial overlap before he turned in.

If sufficient overlap is established before the turn-in point, then the behind driver has the right to sufficient side room. The ahead driver must then leave sufficient side room for the behind driver.

The car on the outside has the right to outside room all the way through the corner – right up to the exit point. They should not be squeezed against the outside towards the exit point.

The car on the inside has the right to inside room all the way through the corner - right up to the exit point. They should not be squeezed against the inside towards the apex area. The ahead driver can still battle for the position of course but must do so while maintaining side room for the behind driver. The practice of going up the inside of an ahead car after they have already turned in, and where there was no established substantial overlap before the turn-in point, is sometimes referred to as barge passing, ( I.e. you barge your way past ). Understand that barge passing is a high risk manoeuvre for both you and others. You have no rights what-so-ever as a barge passer. Should you cause an accident from a barge passing manoeuvre you’ll likely receive the penalty in post race analysis.

Where an ahead driver has clearly made a sufficient error to warrant a passing move a behind driver may attack their position, with due caution and care, regardless of whether there was any pre-existing overlap. E.g. - If the ahead driver brakes too late and drifts out wide of the apex and then has to reduce speed etc. This would be a valid passing opportunity regardless of whether there was pre-existing overlap. However, there is still substantial responsibility on the overtaking driver to take all necessary care to avoid contact. Small errors by the ahead driver may not be sufficient to justify an attacking passing move however. Just because the ahead drivers gets a bit out of shape at times doesn’t give you an automatic right to pass uncontested by them or a right to room. You still have to judge if their error provides sufficient opportunity for a safe pass to take place.

These guidelines will always be taken into account when reviewing incidents.

Any deviation by a driver from his or her direct racing line, which substantially impedes the forward progress of a following/challenging car, is considered blocking. This is a Minor Penalty offence by protest.

Yellow line rule for Superspeedways (Talladega & Daytona only).
A driver should not advance their position by going below the yellow line (wreck avoidance doesn't count). If a driver advances his position they must give it back within a reasonable period of time (approx 1 lap). If it is not possible to repay place because the offended driver has pit etc. then no penalty will apply. This rule is only enforceable by protest, therefore if a protest is received and and the offended (normally protesting) driver deliberately slows to avoid taking the position back (being unsportsmanlike) then the appropriate unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be applied to them.

The definition of passing below the yellow shall be where the at least left hand wheels go over the line onto the apron, for the benefit of argument if any part of the left hand wheels remain on the yellow line, this is considered a legal pass.

The Penalty for passing below the yellow line will be a Minor Penalty by protest. This rule does not apply if the person doing the overtaking was pushed or forced below the yellow line.

Should a protest be filed and it later found the driver being overtaken made insufficient attempts to retake the position after invitation, then the penalty will be moved to the protesting driver, only a "victim" may protest a Yellow line overtake or blocking incident.

Passing below the yellow line & bocking incidents will only be investigated if a protest is filed.

Netcode and Warp
At V8Thunder we use enhanced netcode, details of which can be found here. The use of this netcode is mandatory for all events.

If you do not use the netcode then at best you will probably warp a lot while on track, and at worst will be ejected by the server for data throughput falling too low - this usually happens because of an incorrect value in the core.ini file and will result in your connection dropping when you click Drive, if this happens over and over, please DO NOT keep reconnecting to the server, check your core.ini file before reconnecting, connecting with an incorrect netcode over and over can cause instability and warp for other drivers who are connected to the server, as a result you may be ejected if your constant connecting and disconnecting causes problems.

Where it is reported that a driver is experiencing persistent warp (i.e. warp reported/confirmed by more than one competitor, over a number of laps), the driver experiencing the warp should drop out of the draft and and take up a safe position towards the rear of the field. Drivers experiencing warp should not defend their positions when challenged, until the situation resolves. Failure to comply can lead to the race director issuing a black flag stop/go penalty or, in extreme cases, disqualify a driver from the race. Accidents which occur as a result of persistent warp (where server replay shows that the warp is indeed persistent, and the recorded server chat log shows that the driver was made aware of their warp, yet the driver made no attempt to rectify it) will be penalised just as if contact had been made as a major penalty. This will be in addition to any penalties handed out by the race director on track.

Under caution, all drivers should run a steady pace. Simulating restarts is not allowed. Catching up must be done carefully.

The leader of the pace line must run at pace car speed. Catching up to the pace car has to be done gradually, and in normal situations speed should never differ from the pace car's speed by more than 5mph (henceforth "pace +/- 5"). Exception - faster speeds are allowed when the pace car is more than 5 seconds ahead of the leader (i.e. if everyone has pitted under yellow).

During the last lap under yellow, restart lines should be formed on the backstretch. Distance from the car in front MUST NOT exceed 0.5 seconds. After the pace car leaves the track, the leader MUST keep pace car speed until the green flag is shown. When the green flag is shown and the race is started/restarted NOT BEFORE, all cars should be inside the "pace +/- 5" speed. Exception - faster speeds are allowed for cars that are not in the restart line because of pit stops.

Laying back in order to gain an advantage will be considered a jump start and a Minor Penalty issued, if the leader goes before the green flag is displayed this will also be considered a jump start.

Note, these rules also apply to race starts.

At a restart, lapped cars MUST move forward and form the inside line if instructed to do so by their spotter.

All races count towards the championship.

Grievances with another members driving may be submitted to any of the V8Thunder admin team by specifying the lap(s) in which the problem(s) occurred, along with description(s) of alleged offence(s) in confidence. Replay examples are necessary.

Car Skins
Car Skins should be submitted before the start of the season. Any paintjob you see fit is permitted, as long as it is not X-rated, obscene or includes bad language. Your car should clearly show your racing number, and this must correspond with the number you race as.

Car files should be manually uploaded to the specific carfile thread as an when available.

General Conduct
Real names must be used when racing unless agreed in advance with the admins. Names and numbers must NOT to be changed during season.

Members must not chat/talk/send messages during qualifying; during a race only messages relating to racing are permitted, i.e. : "Pass high, going low, thank you, sorry" etc. Similarly, no spoken communications in "Race Chat" channel should occur during qualifying. During the race, only race-related communications are allowed (see above).

Leave the decision as to who was to blame for the incident to the Admin Team member who is doing the race analysis AFTER THE EVENT, not during the event.

Members must not, under any circumstances, "flame" or send abusive, insulting, derogatory chat/messages to other drivers whilst using the server - AT ANY TIME! This includes spoken communications in Ventrilo, while in the "Race Chat" channel, additional penalties/suspensions may be applied for offences.

Any evidence of cheating or intentional wrecking will result in dismissal from the league without leave of appeal. Unnecessary/deliberate wrecking in practice or happy hour for which the admins receive a complaint can be penalised with a minor awarded to the wrecker(s) for that night's race.

Members understand that server is for members use only and must not disclose any passwords to non-members.

Entries received after the Tuesday before a race will not be processed until the following weeks race - no exceptions!